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Building Solution with its integrated disciplines such as building automation, HVAC, fire safety, security, lighting, low-voltage power distribution, broadcast, elevator, generic cabling and building materials is often indispensable and forms the heart of a sector from Graceford.

Graceford’s Building Solution sector focuses on ensuring companies attract, develop, and retain the highest caliber talent. With increasing privatization and more companies taking on multiple management roles, leaders today require a unique set of skills to tackle challenges with fewer resources while driving growth.

China's construction industry boomed for many years, now facing challenges but is still growing.

We offer a full range of solutions designed to address the unique talent needs of our customers - from strategic search services, competency based assessments, and engaging, interactive high-potential leadership development programs to one-on-one coaching, strategic talent design, and succession planning.

Our recruitment consultants in China have deep experience in the Building Solution industry. Whether it is information-based jobs, business development, sales or industrial engineering recruitment, we can help design and fill the middle to senior level staffing strategy for your business.